Studio J.

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 Welcome to Studio J.

Studio J is located in Phoenix, Arizona; it is a Gallery and event space that is located in downtown Central Phoenix. It is owned and operated by Artist and Curator Jenita Landrum. The owner sat out to find a working space to produce her own work, but embarked a space to share with other artist and large enough to curate events and exhibitions that are thought of as out of the box.

Her goal for the Studio J is an art environment that is intimate, intriguing and inviting for it viewers. The mission of the space is to challenges the viewer to question what art is and how we live with it. Studio J encompasses all art forms of visual arts, to music, film and mixed media, it welcomes collaborative expression.

Services provided by Studio J:

*Exhibition Space   * Individual art Critiques   * Art Workshops   * Art Classes * Artist Collaboration   * Event  Rental

For a listing of future Exhibitions and Events, follow link to the end

 Originals and Prints available on Purchase Page.

Call 602.427.8011 Or Contact Jenita @ Studio J: